What is Southernmost Escape?

It’s the newest form of entertainment sweeping the country.  You and your friends are locked in a themed room to solve cryptic puzzles, locate clues and escape the room in 60 minutes.  Bring your friends, family, co-workers or a date and experience this exhilarating and exciting new fun in Key West, FL.

Can I have my birthday/bachelor/bachelorette party there?

Absolutely! We will do our best to accommodate your party for ages 13 and up. Please contact us to discuss your options, including food and beverages.

Will we really be locked inside the escape room?

In theory yes….it is up to you to use your skills to escape in time. However, if at any time you need to leave the experience you will have the ability to exit the room. But once you leave, you can’t return…will your team be able to solve the clues without you???

Will other people be in the escape room with us?

Depending on the room you choose, there may be 6 or 8 people in the room at one time. If you only reserve slots for two people, other people have the opportunity to book the remaining slots.

What if we want the room just for our group?

SURE!! Just book the remaining open slots to provide your group an awesome opportunity to challenge your individual clue cracking skills. If you would like to reserve the escape rooms for a private event, contact us to learn about more options to host an event.

Is there anything I should bring?

Please bring a print out or electronic version of your booking confirmation. We also suggest that you bring your reading glasses if require them as a some of our clues may require reading.

How long do the escape rooms take to complete?

Participants have 60 minutes to solve all the clues and puzzles within the room. Players must arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled play time. This is essential to provide time for check-in and to receive your scenario brief before the Challenge Begins!!!

Is there a minimum number of players required?

No, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get to join a group of others! The more the merrier! Keep in mind, it is difficult to solve the room without the camaraderie of others.

Can a ticket be purchased for someone else or my whole group at once?

Yes to both; if you are purchasing for someone else just indicate the appropriate player’s name in booking information. If you would like to purchase for your whole group, just select the number of slots desired and enter the player’s names. If you need to adjust who is coming with you, the name of the player can be changed at check-in but refunds cannot be given for players who do not attend.

Can I attempt to escape the same puzzle room more than once?

Yes, but don’t be a SPOILER! For the sake of those players new to the room, we ask that the puzzles remain a mystery so please don’t spill the beans and make it too easy! We recommend that you try your skills in another room to keep it fun and exciting for you! We will continually strive to introduce a new room every few months so that you can keep on enjoying the challenges!!!

Can children participate in solving the puzzle room?

These games are designed for adults and recommended for ages 14 and up – some younger children might find it to be too difficult, as the clues are created to challenge the players!


In order to be considerate to other groups of adults which may share the room with you:


Children 12 years and younger are not permitted.

Children from 13-16 are permitted if the whole room is booked for your group only.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a release of liability waiver. This waiver will be provided when checking in.

Regardless of age, all participants must have a reserved slot; booking the whole room does not negate the maximum number of players of 6 or 8 players for that room.

Can I bring my pet?

No, sorry, but your fur-children and all other kinds of pets are not able to join you…they probably won’t be much assistance solving the clues anyways.

If you have a service animal that must accompany you at this event, you must contact us in advance of your scheduled booking. We will make every effort to accommodate you, however, your choices of available dates and times may be limited.

Is the experience scary?

Some rooms may have a greater degree of surprise factor than others but the games are really designed to be to be exciting and challenging. If you would like a room recommendation just give us a call and we will help you to find the best room for your group.

Are tickets refundable?

No. Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase.

Do you have Corporate Packages?

Yes! We offer the opportunity for corporations to use our escape rooms for unique team building and morale-enhancing activities. Our Corporate Packages offer private access to all rooms, use of conference room style space, complimentary beverages and game hosts.

Are there nearby places to eat, drink or get coffee?

Most Definitely! Historic Key West offers a great variety of cafes and restaurants within walking distance.

Are cell phones allowed in the room?

No, your cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off and cannot be used inside the room.